Vitamin D The Forgotten Vitamin

Vitamin D The Forgotten VitaminWhen it comes to vitamins, vitamin D is often forgotten by everyone. It is forgotten because it is not something that you can just simply buy in pill form and be okay. They’re actually very many different forms of vitamin C that you can buy over the counter but all of them pale in comparison to actually going out into the sunlight. We do not say that to run you away from buying vitamin D supplements but the family tell you that you need to get outside under the Sun and the dog and the vitamin D that is naturally available to everyone.

With that said, it is also true that many of us will have to supplement with a commercial form of vitamin D. We have to do this because we live in parts of the country where we don’t get a ton of sunlight during the winter months. Vitamin D is especially important to you if you have darker skin because your skin will not take in as much UV light as it needs to during the winter months. We have also learned that this D vitamin is so important to mental and emotional health so that means that we have even more reasons why we need to supplement with it.

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Using Vitamin C for More than Cold Immunity

Using Vitamin C for More than Cold ImmunityVitamin C is one of the water soluble vitamins. The human body does not manufacture the substance on its own and it also does not store it. This is why it is crucial to get plenty of the vitamin daily from natural sources like oranges or from supplements.

Most people know the importance that the supplement plays in warding off colds and flu. It acts as an immune system protectant and helps the human body fight off such illnesses. There are many other uses for vitamin C, however.

It is a wonderful anti-oxidant. It helps protect the body against toxins and free radicals such as those that may come from smoking or outside pollutants. Radicals play a part in causing cancer. This vitamin is especially important for patients who are undergoing radiation treatment for cancer as it can help prevent reactions or illness from the treatment.

Recent research shows that the vitamin can help individuals who are diabetic. Individuals who have a larger intake of the C in their systems tend to have a lower body mass index or a smaller waistline. This alone helps curb or even revert the diabetes, which often occurs in those who are obese. It has been known that pre-diabetics can avoid the disease by losing weight and eliminating sugar in the diet. Now, it is believed that adding this vitamin to the diet can help keep them diabetes-free by helping reduce fat around the abdomen.

Another good use for this is anti-aging. It has great properties for keeping the skin clear when taken internally. Now, there are high-quality skin serums which contain high levels of this supplement which can make aging skin look refreshed and renewed.

Take this vitamin every day. It helps do more than   shorten the common cold.