With today’s business environment being ever more competitive one of the key things that good businesses look at is where it can save money. It can make the difference between a successful quarter on quarter performance to stumbling along.

Naturally, from small to large businesses the way that money can be saved varies and one of the key considerations is understanding where those money saving options can come from. Recycling has become a big part of the money saving options and water recycling is leading the way.

Commercial businesses that used processed water, usually in very high volumes are all to aware that the impurities and contaminants need to be stripped out before the wastewater can be released back into the network; this is expensive as well as wasteful. Therefore it’s essential to have the correct water treatment products to ensure that you can recycle water and in turn keep costs down.

So, what are the ways your business can recycle water? Here’s a few tips.

1) Membrane filtration

Ever heard of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis. These all require membrane filtration technology, and depending on the contaminants you need to remove you will need to employ one of these techniques. On its own membrane filtration can remove a lot of issues and recycle water in a business environment however there are other ways of water recycling that need to be considered.

2) Aerobic Treatment

Any kind of water that has been exposed to different chemicals will use aerobic treatments to recycle water. An aerobic treatment works like a closed tank, exposing it to highly oxygenated air. At a very low cost, large quantities of lightly contaminated wastewater can be recovered using this method.

3) Tank Treatment Systems

Using either reverse osmosis or deionisation technology, the purpose of these tank systems is to reduce the total solid count of the water so it can be recycled. Usually compact, tank treatment systems can be deployed wherever feed water needs to be reclaimed.  Treatment tanks can also be used to increase the capacity of a water treatment plant, allowing the user to respond to different volumes needed.

4) Ozone Treatment

Combined with simple filtration, Ozone treatment is an ideal way for recovering water used in cooling towers. Plants which use cooling towers will waste a lot of water. Good and effective filtration will recycle a considerable about of water and can be used by the business effectively for re-use in the plant. This is particularly good if that water is being re-used in a tower as it will not need more treatment or extensive purification methods to work through.

5) Grey Watering Recycling Systems

Designed to reclaim sewage and heavily contaminated wastewater, grey watering recycling systems  combine filtration, disinfection and deionisation. These systems can be expensive however, they are performing at high industrial levels and for industries that use large volumes of water, the results in reduced waste are exceptional.