The Laboratory strives to develop subtle and emerging video technologies like ultra high-definition know-how – advancements that are vital to the broadcasting and TV business of Hong Kong, mainland China and rest of the world. Most of the authors who wrote critically about technology and its socio-cultural position through the twentieth century had been philosophers of a general outlook (Martin Heidegger, Hans Jonas, Arnold Gehlen, Günther Anders, Andrew Feenberg) or had a background in one of many different humanities or in social science, like literary criticism and social research (Lewis Mumford), regulation (Jacques Ellul), political science (Langdon Winner) or literary research (Albert Borgmann).

The form of philosophy of know-how constituted by the writings of those and others has been referred to as by Carl Mitcham (1994) ‘humanities philosophy of know-how’, because it takes its point of departure within the social sciences and the humanities slightly than within the practice of technology. All salary and advantages for staff whose job descriptions specifically includes technology features, i.e. community providers, applications development, programs administration.

Use of expertise is principled: Know-how means the systematic utility of scientific knowledge to practical duties. Information, voice, and video networks and all associated communications gear and software. Scientists and engineers normally choose to outline technology as utilized science , quite than as the issues that folks make and use. A company can have digital know-how, however not be a digital enterprise, an organization that substitutes a wise telephone order entry app for an online web page as an example.

Technology entrepreneurship is greatest understood subsequently, as a joint-manufacturing phenomenon that pulls from a team of specialized individuals from a number of domains, some or all of whom turn into embedded in the technology path they try to shape in real time ( Garud and Karnøe, 2003 ). Technology entrepreneurship is not about a single particular person or the inventions they introduce.

Software program and help for office automation programs such as word processing and spreadsheets, as well as the computer to run them. In its improvement, humanities philosophy of science continues to be influenced not a lot by developments in philosophy (e.g. philosophy of science, philosophy of action, philosophy of thoughts) but by developments within the social sciences and humanities.