Technology in the modern world now advances at a pace which is almost impossible to keep track of. Sometimes a technology is already outdated by the time someone even spares a few pixels to report on it – that’s how fast moving the industry is. That is why it is so vital to be ahead of the trend and know what’s coming next when it comes to technology, otherwise you will simply be left behind.

For that reason, here are six or so technologies which you need to keep in mind when considering the future trends of 2019. The technology of the future is closer than you think, so be prepared.

1 – VR & AR

This has been a huge trend for the past few years and seems to be further developing as a core area of the future of gaming. And VR is being touted as one of the big things for the future of workplace training, as it can put people directly in the situation without putting a trainee at risk (while training to be a pilot, for example). Augmented Reality also grew recently thanks to a little mobile game known as Pokemon Go, so this is likely to continue expanding moving forward.

The potential for a number of other industries – entertainment, the shopping sector, marketing, education, etc. – is enormous and so people will be looking to develop both VR and AR in these sectors.

2 – Smart Buildings

The smart workplace is almost upon us. As well as the smart shop. There will be inbuilt interfaces – already in place in some food establishments for quick ordering options – digital assistants will help workers share work, collaborative walls, even better security as a result of smarter technology being interfaced in the space design. The smart space is the future of our world design and the way we operate, so don’t be surprised when your walls start talking to you any day now.

3 – Drones

Drones were a big trend in the past few years and the technology is only set to grow even bigger in 2019. The use of drones for exhibits and events will be a huge factor moving forward, even for private events such as weddings and the like as people turn to technology to help improve their everyday experiences. Use in fast-paced sports events will also be common as the technology comes closer and closer to being considered ‘perfect’.

4 – Internet of Things

The Internet of Things sounds like a sci fi concept, but it is very much the reality in many modern day homes and across all of our devices. Inbuilt apps with WiFi capability are now a standard part of many devices – even fridges! It’s moving beyond the classic mobile app development that we have come to know for phones and other mobile devices. Many app developers in London and the like are adapting to this fact quite well.

The IoT means that we can now know if a fire starts in our home whilst we’re away or if it’s broken into. We can lock our doors remotely, track our long-term health and even locate transport with a simple question. It’s only going to develop and grow in 2019, so keep an eye on it and watch your devices grow smarter by the day.

On the whole, 2019 is going to be an outstanding year for technological development. So, keep that in mind and make sure you’re consistently ahead of the trend.