The electronic component is the smallest element in an electronic circuit. In electronics circuits, generally, consist of active components and passive components. Each component of electronics is made with different values and functions based on the manufacturer of the electronic component. Each component of electronics has different types, values, and symbols. The type and value attached to an electronic component give meaning to the manufacturer’s function and manufacturer. While the symbol of electronic components is based on the type and function without distinguishing the manufacturer of electronic components.

Electronic components can be distinguished by shape and manner of installation and differentiated by function and how it works.

Type -Type of Electronic Components

Based on the shape and manner of installation, the electronic components are divided into 2 types, namely Surface Mount Device (SMD) type and common or regular type.

  1. Electronic Components of General Type (Regular)

Common type components are electronic components that physically have pins or legs with the purpose of mounting them using punched PCBs. That is, the position of the component is placed on the PCB and then the pin or leg component on the other side of the PCB to be soldered on the PCB Assembly. Some common types of electronic components can be seen in the picture below.

This type of electronic component is generally used to make a simple system that does not require a small physical device or is used on a large power electronic device or system.

  1. Electronic Components Type SMD (Surface Mount Device)

SMD type electronics components (Surface Mount Device) is a component of electronics that the way of installation directly attached and soldered with a PCB on the PCB lane side. SMD type of electronics components are also equipped with pins or legs, but the physical foot or pin components of this type SMD in small design with the aim to be mounted on the surface of the PCB path. In general, SMD type electronics components are the latest type of electronics components as shown below.

SMD type electronics components are designed to meet the demands of the physical form of electronic devices with small physical form. One application of this type of SMD electronics components can be seen on computer devices such as RAM, VGA, and computer motherboard. For best result, you must hire a PCB Assembly Services to design your electronic PCB.