It is not difficult for men to achieve happiness and satisfaction when making love with a partner. Unlike the case with women, many things need to be done in order to enjoy the intimate session.

According to a psychologist and relationship expert, Elizabeth Santosa, only need a little stimulation like the Viagra Coupon to be able to increase male sexual arousal. Unlike the case with women who are complex creatures. Wives need a strong emotional connection with their husbands so that their sexual arousal increases when making love.

For those of you who want to give happiness and satisfaction to your wife while making love, here are some things you can do to be able to have a strong emotional connection with your partner, as Elizabeth said in a release sent by Supreme Premium Condom:

  1. Express feelings through words

A gentleman must be able to express and express his feelings and passions through words. If you are shy, try to focus on the qualities that you admire from your partner, then express that admiration sincerely.

When you are in bed, you can use sexy and romantic words like expressing admiration for their sexiness at that time.

  1. Show love through action

Various concrete actions such as fulfilling his request to do something or take the initiative to help him first. Before do a making love, you can also try the Cialis Coupons to make the sex more comfortable.

When you are in bed, you can show affection by dedicating full time to warming up in the area of ​​the body that he likes. Give the best service for him like giving a massage with essential oil or giving a kiss or spoiled touch in his sensitive area.

If you are bored in just areas, try to give special attention or gentle massage to areas that are often not noticed such as toes, curves, knees.

  1. Give a small surprise

Your partner will feel loved when you see your efforts to give gifts when they are unexpected. Give a couple a small surprise with a gift that is simple but has meaning, such as flowers, prints of your photo album, or you can also use special dishes that you make. When in bed, for example, give her favorite lingerie gift.

  1. Really present for him

Keep your cell phone and forget about work deadlines for a moment to dedicate your time and mind completely so you can ‘attend’ to your partner. Listen to all your confessions and complaints and be a good listener. Try to always provide quality time with a partner at least every weekend.

Then, what is the practice in sex life? Enjoy while near him, make eye contact, listen to him, and give him a big hug.

  1. Give a touch of love

Physical touch can increase the hormone oxytocin which is useful for increasing intimacy, warmth, trust and bonding with a partner. The hormone oxytocin can also be obtained from the orgasmic activity. The husband’s job is to make sure your partner gets as much oxytocin as possible.

In the bedroom: In addition to giving your partner a warm touch and caress, you can give a special surprise by using a special condom.