Taking a clear and bright indoor picture is hard to achieve even with the best camera, especially when the lighting is not good. If you are plagued by dull and dark indoor pictures, Mini 9 has just the solution for you. The Hi Key feature in Mini 9 helps create bright and candid pictures.

What is Hi Key?

Hi Key is a lighting style used generally in television shows and films of early times to compensate for the lack of contrast in the screen brightness. In technical lingo, the feature is a type of lighting style in photography for creating homogenous and bright pictures. The feature can produce sunny pictures with minimal dark shadows. Nowadays photographers use this feature in special situations such as to add an airy and light ambience to their shots.

 How does High Key help?

Whenever poor lighting prevents you from taking a clear shot such as when you are inside a restaurant, dance club or house or standing under a shade, the Hi Key is ideal.

The feature is also perfect for shooting dusk or dawn pictures or at night time when you have limited amount of ambient light. And the Hi Key clarity and vividness is assured provided you have a subject in your camera frame, which the flash can illuminate properly.

Taking a picture with High Key is easy

While taking a picture on your Mini 9 under poor lighting condition, your camera will indicate indoor setting. Ignore the recommendation and instead rotate brightness dial to Hi Key present on the left side. Now shoot your subject. As you can see the process is a simple one.

When not to use Hi Key?

However there are situations that Hi Key will not work like when there is already good lighting such as when you are outdoors and when you have bright sunlight. The picture will be completely white or overexposed in such good lighting conditions.

And you cannot use it when the range is too high for the camera to capture the image like a cityscape or landscape at night, which is beyond the reach of your camera’s flash. Any subject that is beyond 2.7meters distance from the camera will not be suitable for using this feature.

Hi Key on Mini 9 is fun to use

Hi Key opens up several new bright and vibrant picture possibilities. As the feature helps brighten your skin tones, it is perfect for fashion or beauty photography where lighting is very crucial.

Pictures taken with Hi Key take on a whimsical and happy feel that is difficult to accomplish in an indoor setting. In short, the feature gives shows your shot in the best possible lighting.

For the avid professional, the Hi Key mode has exposure brightness of +2/3 EV. The highest aperture of Mini 9 is f/12.7. It has 1/60 per second shutter speed (fixed) and at a slower speed as in Mini 70 the camera can be used without flash even in low light condition.

You can see the difference that Hi Key can bring about by trying two shots – one with the normal indoor setting in your camera and the other using the Hi Key feature. You will find the Hi Key shot is lighter with the background being softer than the other shot. In fact, the Hi Key picture will look more ethereal. Try this Hi Key mode on your Mini 9 and share with us your pictures and thoughts on this exciting feature.

Source: https://instantcameralab.com/category/faq/